High hopes for the 2022 Royals.

With the 2022 season right around the corner, there is no doubt the Royals will be one of the top contenders in the Western Impact North Division. Owner, Mike Thomas says he is excited for this years squad and looks forward to what this new year has to offer.

In 2021, the Royals were ran by Head Coach, Boyd Demus whose team was a huge threat last season and made it all the way to the semi-final game against the Hurricanes. This 2022 season, Coach Boyd decided to take the Defensive Coordinator position and former Defense Coach, Tom Fischer took the reigns of being the Royals Head Coach for this new year. 

Coach Fischer added on 7 coaches to assist him this year:

  • Boyd Demus, Defensive Coordinator
  • Cori Cunningham, Linebacker Coach
  • Tommy Butler, Wide Receivers
  • Greg Johnson, Defensive Backs
  • Donte Abraham, Special Teams
  • Bill Alexander, Defense Coach
  • Beau Beery, Offensive Coordinator

The Royals suit up for the first time this weekend and it will be an exciting one! Veterans like Williams, Haynes, Goodman, Brown, Murry and Allen look forward to this upcoming season. New Squad, Same Goal!